11 May 2016

Peaches & Cream

Assalamu Aleikum Queens,

It's been some time since I blogged about a non-DeesPresence outfit! I went to London for a day trip on Saturday and wanted to share my outfit because I loved it so much.. and it seems so did everyone else!
I designed this two piece myself and it came out near enough how I wanted. I say near enough because I wanted the sleeves to be longer so it could touch the ground but I ran out of fabric. Oh well there's always next time insha'Allah. The wrap skirt I designed was inspired by one I wore last Eid (the emerald green one in the picture below) and plan on making more of them insha'Allah. Wrap skirts are my thing and I'm aware that it's not a common item that's sold by modest fashion brands so I always make my own. I would like to stock them in my collection because they're so perfect for the summer and modest as they don't cling to your body but at the same time it's figure flattering. I'll make some without the bling and let you decide if it's something you want me to stock insha'Allah.

Thank you for stopping by!
Take Care,


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