14 February 2016

Looking for a Tote?

So today I wanna talk about Tote bags. Tote bags have been on the scene forever but they've remained a staple piece for every fashion loving girls for the past year or two. Ladies, we know a good tote bag is hard to find. I recently spent a month looking for the right tote bag.You know the kind of bag you can carry everyday, and goes with everything you wear?

I spent a huge amount of time looking online and visiting shops until eventually I found my gorgeous bag. I've come a very long way from being a shopaholic, and just buying whatever catches my eye! I'm so happy that I found the right bag. Ladies, you know the feeling you get when you've found the right bag? yes? then I don't have to describe the feeling.

So ladies please don't fret...I gotchu on this! There are good tote bags out there, I promise you. You just have to know where to look. I've listed my top 5 websites.

1. Accessorize
I recently purchased a bag from this shop for the 1st time. I don't know why I neglected this brand for so long, their handbag range is stunning. I purchased the tote bag below and I'm super happy with it, and what's better is that It's now half price! Check their collection out here.
2. H&M
This shop is the first place I look when I need a bag, shoes, coat etc. So for those of you who like their tote bags with minimal fuss then this is the place to look. The current handbag collection can be viewed here. My current fave is the one below.
3. Mango Outlet UK
If you haven't heard of Mango Outlet then I'm afraid you've been missing out. All the items on the website have been reduced in price. You can browse their handbag collection here. My fave is the one below.

4. Michael Kors
This brand is known for their beyond stunning tote bags. I'm not one to buy designer things but I'm guilty of splurging on MK more than once. Sometimes we deserve to spend money on ourselves so check out their tote collection here. My absolute fave is the one below, which I purchased awhile ago. It's still as good as new, so money was well spent.

I'm sure you're aware of ASOS as a brand and you may have even made purchases in the past. In any case, their tote bag collection is a must see. You can see for yourself by clicking here.  My current favourite on ASOS is this one.

There are so many other websites I could mention but these are my favourite. If you're on a hunt for a good handbag then I hope you find what your looking for. I know the struggle is real!

I send you much love,
Take care,



  1. The way a woman accessorizes, it tells many things about her. One thing is for sure, a woman's hand bag can tell a lot about her. Female hand bags are available in lots of different kinds. You can find satchels, wristlets, clutches, hobos, and even totes. To be honest, the most demanded ones are the tote bags and thus, every female has one. The obvious reason is the fact that they are spacious and easy to carry. You can find them in lots of zany designs as well as sizes.
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