23 December 2015


Assalamu Aleikum Queens,

For those of you who have time off during this Christmas break, I hope you're enjoying a well deserved rest and making the most of it with your loved ones. I'm off from work for 2 weeks myself and haven't done anything apart from clean the house. This isn't how I planned my holiday to go! I've made myself an extremely long TO-DO list and after ticking off my 3rd task I gave up. I wanna do something completely different to that which I had planned and that's TRAVEL! I'm going away to Istanbul, Turkey, AGAIN! This'll be my 3rd time visiting Istanbul and I can't wait to spend some of my time off with my parents insha'Allah.

Anyway, as I have promised to blog but haven't had the time to yet I thought I'd post about my everyday hijab style again. I posted this originally in October 2014, and it has been the most viewed post on my website to date! I thought it would be quite good to share this post again because I get asked how I do my hijab on Instagram a lot. I keep my hijab simple, and wear it the same way everyday because I have found a style I like and suits me quite well so why change?

I don't record videos of myself so here's a pictorial for you guys....

First things first, fold the front of the hijab

Pin it securely under your chin and again I pin it on my head to keep it in place

Take hijab material from the back and bring it forward to create a little volume

Stick a pin in the part brought forward so it stays there

Grab the longer end of your hijab

Bring it round your head

Create folds while your at it

Pin it all down

Job done :)
I hope this helped. I bid you all a great day insha'Allah, Oh and please ignore my oily and spotty skin! These pictures are a year and 3 months old and yet nothing has changed, face is still as oily and spotty as ever haha!


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