13 June 2015

OOTD Ft DeesPresence Olive Two Piece

Olive green is an essential colour for Spring and Summer. The sophisticated shades of earth green tones from this outfit makes it versatile and perfect to be worn with other neutrals. 
This two piece will add earthiness to your day look, and the combination of this skirt and top creates a casual but modern look. Cropped tops looks chic paired with high-waisted skirts. We all know that! 
I really love how this hijab compliments my top perfectly. It’s not every day that this happens but when it does I’m grateful for it. 
For additional sparkle add a chunky statement necklace and a beautifully patterned hijab. Also, a pair of fancy heels wouldn’t hurt.
This Olive two piece evokes a timeless look. Hey, you really can’t go wrong with a plain top and skirt can you?
This Olive two piece is available to purchase in different sizes. You can view the details on how to purchase this outfit, description and price along with other items in DeesPresence collection here.

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