23 May 2015

OOTD Ft DeesPresence Raven Stripe Wrap dress

Salamu Aleikum Queens,

For monochrome lovers, stripes are the simplest place to start. This dress is a perfect compromise for those who love black and white. I can't envision there ever being a time when monochrome stripe will be out of style. It's one of the classic patterns that are probably in your wardrobe in one version or another already.

This first look is simply about the dress. It's a great summer piece and one would only need a lovely pair of heels (or not) and a hijab to match. I went for a royal blue hijab and matching heels to add a bit of colour to the outfit.
This chic look is perfect for work, but don't relegate it to the nine to five entirely. This dress can easily be adapted for an evening look simply by adding a chunky statement necklace and stackable bracelets.

So this look is more of the same but in addition I'm wearing a denim jacket. This dress is lovely on it's own but in the UK there's plenty of windy days so it's nice to know that you can wear it with a denim jacket and still look great.
This dress is especially suitable for those who shy away from full-on patterns and prints. The simplicity of black and white is far less scary to pull off.

In this last look I'm wearing the Raven Stripe wrap dress as a cardigan. This dress is versatile and you can wear it as a dress one day and a cardigan the next. How handy..

The Raven stripe Wrap dress is versatile and stripes are classically timeless. You can view the details on how to purchase this dress, description and price along with other items in DeesPresence collection here.

So, what do you ladies think? I would love to know what your favourite look is. Please leave your comments below.

Peace & Love


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  1. loved it ,
    especially with the denim jacket <3
    you look beautiful btw :*


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