20 February 2015

The making of DeesPresence

Assalamu Aleikum Queens,

How are you all? I haven't blogged since October last year mainly because I've been super busy but also because part of me just wanted a break from it. Don't get me wrong, blogging can be great and I love being able to express myself. However, I became a modest fashion blogger for a reason other than to be just that. Some of you may remember that I had started a clothing line 3 years ago. I was 25 years old and was eager to make my mark as a fashion designer. I didn't have any experience in that field so I soon found out that I was in wayyy over my head because I underestimated how difficult it would be. My biggest flaw is that I have zero patience so after 'trying' awhile longer I gave up.
I didn't give up completely though because I thought it was best to do my homework and try again in the future. I decided to start a fashion blog as a platform to express my personal style. I figured if I was to start a clothing line then I had to first get to know my peers, the women whom my clothes would be targeted to.

I have learned quite abit from my last business venture. And that's why I've been posting different looks on my blog and instagram. This has been a great help in finding out what people like. It's been one big case study from the beginning but alhamdulilah I can now say confidently that I know what (most) women seek in an outfit. You have to be confident as a fashion designer because you have to assume to know what people want. And I'm doing just that....

The making of my clothing line has been a tiring project that involved a lot of running around, sweating and doing then redoing the same thing over and over again until it was perfect. I think getting the samples right was more than half the job. After that everything fell into place. Alhamdulilah Allah SWT has blessed me with a family that supports me no matter what I choose to do. May Allah reward them for their help and continued support My sisters Ayan and Fatha along with my aunt helped me pick out the best material for my collection. I was hands on to ensure everything from beginning to end went as smooth as possible. This will be an experience that I'll never forget. And it has made me realise that this is what I wanna do in life insha Allah.

DeesPresence will launch in a matter of 2 weeks insha Allah. I'm both excited and nervous but more than anything I'm anxious for you all to see it. Regardless of what happens I know I've accomplished my vision and for that I'm grateful.

Oh and lastly, please ignore the background in the photos, I know they're not so glamorous but I promise the clothes will be.....

Take care,



  1. Salaam,

    This looks like a heck of a lot of blood, sweat and sleepless nights. I can only imagine the amount of determination and persistence you must have put into this, but Masha Allah, you've pulled through! I'm looking forward to seeing the clothes... and I wish you lots of Allah's blessings on your venture.

    Rukaiya | Muslim in the Big City

    1. Wa aleikum wasalam sis, Yes! It was hard work, alot more than I anticipated but it was so worth it. I just hope all the ladies like it insha Allah. I cant wait for you to see them.. not long left now love. Ameen sis and jazakallah khair xxx

  2. O EM G!Oh no you did not!!!This is so amazing mashallah!!!May Allah (sw) reward your efforts and bring you khayr in this new exciting chapter of your life!Ameen Allahumma Ameen!!!I'm soo excited for you lol!


    1. Oh yes I did lol! Ameen sis and jazakallah khair. I'm really excited too can't wait to show you insha'Allah. Your support means a whole lot. Thank you sweets xxx

  3. Love the prints! All the best with your venture! Love from Dubai :)


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