22 October 2014

My everyday hijab style

Hello my Queens,

When it comes to hijab, the only thing that matters to me is practicality. I never go over the top with my hijab as I do with my outfits, and I stick with it because A) this simple hijab style stays intact for the whole day. I've never had to redo it halfway throughout the day. And B) I don't look like I've got an elephant sitting on top of my head! I like to keep the volume to a minimum. I wear plain hijabs and never felt the need to try different styles as I'm quite happy with the way I wear it at the moment.

A few sisters have asked me to do a tutorial but as I don't  record videos of myself I opted for a pictorial instead...

First things first, fold the front of the hijab
Pin it securely under your chin and again I pin it on my head to keep it in place
Take hijab material from the back and bring it forward to create a little volume
Stick a pin in the part brought forward so it stays there
Grab the longer end of your hijab
Bring it round your head
Create folds while your at it
Pin it all down
Job done :)
I hope this helped. I bid you all a great day insha'Allah



  1. Assalam Aleykum Deeqa!Your blog is so cool mashaallah and your pics are also so amazing!What camera do you use if i may ask?I also nominated you for the versatile blogger award!Hope you'll find the time to do it and enjoy it in shaa allah!xoxo


    1. Maryam! Wa aleikum wasalam sis. Thanks for taking the time to comment. The camera I use is Canon 600d.. I've not heard of the versatile blogger award. Thanks for nominating me. I'll check it out now xxx

  2. Thats so beautifull
    Im gonna try do it

  3. Beautiful and creative, I'm gonna try it out

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