3 September 2014

My top 3 Make-Up Must Haves

Assalamu Aleikum Queens,

So I quickly wanted to share my 3 favourite make-up products. I own a lot of make-up so I had to think hard about the products I rate the most. I get asked frequently about which foundation and mascara I use so here goes....

1- Fashion Fair Perfect Finish- Souffle Makeup.
This foundation easily sits on the number 1 spot. I started wearing foundation at a very young age and I've jumped from one brand to the next for many years until my friend mentioned Fashion Fair to me. To be honest I'd never heard of it but on her engagement day I did her make-up and the foundation she had was Fashion Fair. I fell in love with the outcome and purchased my own straight away. That was 2 years ago and I've been using it every day ever since. With this foundation a little goes a long way and it's not too cakey for everyday wear. It's also good value for money because the first pot took me just over a year to finish even though I was using it every day.

2- Essence Volume Mascara
I have gone through many different types of mascara, but generally I used to switch between Lancome and Maybelline. Lancome is quite pricey and bought the mascara when I could afford to and in the periods where I was short of money I bought Maybelline. When it comes to mascara I don't think how much you pay is an indication of how good the product actually is. I've been using Essence Volume mascara over 2 years now. It's a low cost mascara sold in a shop called Kruitvat in Holland. It only costs 2.80euro and I've not had any bad experiences with this product. It hasn't damaged my lashes or haven't been shedding lashes excessively, this has happened in the past when I've used cheap products. I love this mascara so much that I think I'll be using it forever. I'm so thankful that my sister lives in Holland, meaning I always have a reason to go and visit and buy mascaras whilst I'm there. Killing two birds with one stone YAY!

3- MAC Mineralize Skin Finish
I'm actually not a big fan of MAC products because my skin doesn't agree with the ingredients used in most MAC makeup. Having said that, this skinfinish powder is an exception. My sister had it in her makeup collection and I tried it out one day and fell in love with it... so I got my own. I think over the summer I became a little too obsessed with it because I was applying it all over my face to give myself a massive tan. I use the dark skinfinish and it's meant to be applied only on the cheeks and the nose but hey ho I didn't think anyone would notice if I smothered it all over my face as it was summer and had tanned dramatically anyway... but ofcourse people notice these things. My mother and sisters commented on how much darker I was. Then when I washed my face at night they seen the fraud that I was. Makeup is there to have fun with. Do it!

Take care loves,


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