15 June 2014

Inter Hijab Review

Assalamu Aleikum Queens,

This week my hijab game has been phenomenal. Now I have a REAL issue with patterned hijabs. I wear plain hijabs day in day out. The reason for this I don’t quite understand myself so I wouldn’t be able to tell you, however, things all changed this week as I wore a patterned hijab everyday. The hijabs I’ve been obsessing over this week are from a new online hijab store Inter Hijab. I challenged myself to only pick patterned hijabs as I’ve got plain ones in pretty much every colour imaginable and I succeeded! 

Hijab 1
The hijab I wore on Monday is Inter Hijabs Vintage black floral silk hijab. This is a maxi hijab and I really appreciated the size because I need a large scarf for the way I do my hijab style. At the same time it was lightweight and I didn’t feel as though I was wearing a big scarf. And the thing I love most about this hijab is the print. I chose this hijab mainly because of the print. I love vintage pieces and the floral patterns are beautiful so really there was nothing else to think about.

Hijab 2 
On Tuesday I rocked the hot purple paisley silk hijab. The reason I chose this scarf in particular is because I don’t own many purple items and also because the print and colour combination is just stunning. It’s always nice to get something you don’t have a lot of. On the day I received compliments about my hijab so I guess I picked right! This hijab is a luxurious piece and different from other hijabs I’ve purchased in the past. I look forward to wearing it again and again and again!

Hijab 3

Wednesday was the day for the pastel pink polka dot hijab. This hijab is more subtle in terms of print and more casual than the other two. I see myself wearing this with many different outfits. This hijab was very lightweight and easy to style and best of all it stayed in place throughout the day. I really dislike scarves that you have to constantly redo.

Hijab 4
On Thursday I wore Inter Hijabs cream floral hijab styled with a plain hijab. This is a very soft and beautifully patterned hijab which was extremely lightweight. This is the perfect scarf to wear either on your head, around your neck or even to use as a bag accessory.

Hijab 5

On Friday I wore the burnt orange silk hijab. This is a really elegant hijab it’s just such a shame I wore it with a football t-shirt!!! Insha Allah I will get another opportunity to style this hijab the way it deserves to be styled. 

I'm really pleased with these hijabs. These and many fabulous hijabs can be found on InterHijabs website. Also follow Inter Hijab on Instagram and facebook for regular updates. I would like to thank Inter Hijab for a great service and fast delivery. They offer free shipping worldwide on all orders over AUD $60 and you can get 20% off when you use the code QUEEND-TWENTY



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