10 May 2014

Fashion Is NOT a competition!!!

Salam Queens,

I just wanted to touch on this subject because I have recently been getting the vibe that ladies who love fashion view one another as competition (have any of you noticed that too?). This is a common occurrence and it's LUDICROUS! For one, the way you style yourself is a reflection of you. That's the first thing people notice when they see you. So make certain that your representing and staying true to who you are.

I have found that a lot of mimicking and stalking goes on only in the hope to outstage. It's sad but true.
Social media allows for easy stalking and it's the perfect place to reach out to sisters, so instead of seeying eachother as competition more ladies would benefit from building friendships. I've met some really lovely people alhamdulilah, too many to count really and hope to meet more insha Allah. However, I feel as though people are not supporting eachother enough because they see one another as a threat. Everyone wants to be number one. There is NO such thing as number one.. No two people are the same. We're all great in our own way and have creative talents in different areas. Instead of viewing one another as a threat, how about helping eachother get to where you wanna go?

Fashion is not about competition for me. I've been an advocate of dressing modestly for many many years, I haven't changed due to influences of people on the social media sites and have certainly not become a "fashionista" overnight. I don't even like the term fashionista! Some like the way I dress and some don't, either way I've stayed true to myself throughout the years and have been accepted for who I am (atleast that's what I think!). Ofcourse there have been many who critisice me for choice of dress and make-up, but when I'm ready to change I will but only for Allah SWT.

I think it's silly to be consumed by all things fashion. I know it may seem like i'm contradicting myself by saying this but i'm NOT obsessed with fashion or make-up. I don't live, eat and breathe fashion. My life is about far more than that. I simply have a love for looking my best and that's all. I don't spend a whole lot of money on clothes, don't spend a lot of time looking up trends or planning outfits etc. I'm way to busy for that. I just put my gear on and go. And I most definetly don't do what I do to compete with anyone. As the saying goes... I do me, You do you!

Does anyone agree with this? Or Am I talking a whole lot of nonsense!


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