22 April 2014

When in doubt wear PINK

Salamu Aleikum Queens,

I know I always have a thing or two to say about the weather but after studying for hours I thought to go outside for some fresh air and the weather was minging! 

Bad weather doesn't stop me from wearing bright clothes though :)
Here's today's look.

I made this double layered skirt last summer, but wearing it for the first time.

A scarf worn with a silk blouse

How tired do I look??

I basically fold a scarf in half and make a hole through the top of the triangle (2 layers) then  I insert a sting to tie around my neck (sound complex? It really isnt!!)

As the day progressed it became even colder 

I wore the same scarf for Eid 2 years ago
Thanks for stopping by lovelies

Take care,


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