12 April 2014

No need for a special occasion to dress up

Salam Queens,

Today is the start of my 2 week break from work YAYYY! This means I have extra time to spend with my lovely family. I had a pretty chill day today alhamdulilah and going to finish it with a nice meal and a movie :) 

This was my outfit for today. I love dressing up, especially at the weekend. I never go to parties or weddings but hey I don't need a special occasion to dress up.

I bought this jacket in China 4 years ago but it's still as good as new

I look like a robot yikes!

This is hands down my favourite skirt ever! 

I could wear this skirt everyday!!!

I would like to thank my lovely little nephew Jamiel whose an amazing photograppher at 9years old! He took all these pictures!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the rest of your weekend. If you are off for Easter then I hope you have an awesome break.

Much Love,



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