19 March 2014

Still cold out here

Salamu Aleikum Queens, 

I don't know about everyone else but I woke up feeling really cold this morning. So I decided to dress warm  and comfortable in my long over sized coat and flat shoes.

Wearing glasses because I can't be bothered with mascara, and wore a necklace to accessorize the coat. 

I have several long coats because they're a great investment... they never go out of style, and hides my figure thus giving me the coverage I need whilst looking sophisticated. The one I'm wearing was a gift from my sister Ebyan. Thank you sis!

I love these shoes, they look neat and they're comfortable

Meet the beauty in the family... Our cat Bella!

She be taking all my shine with her cute self :)

I hope all my Queens have had a fab day

Take care, 


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  1. I love your blog! keep these posts coming. Your style is amazing


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