18 March 2014

Gwen Rocks!

In my opinion, Gwen Stefani is the world’s best dressed mummy.  She’s had a successful career in music and her clothing line L.A.M.B has received huge success because of her unique input. She’s always stood out for me because she’s good weird (not bad weird like other celebs). 

I think she has the best abs in the business and her appearance is largely unchanged since her 20s. Her signature make-up style consists of red lips and perfectly penciled brows and her platinum blonde hair is striking and recalls timeless beauties like Marilyn Monroe. She also has a lot of young pretenders such as Rita Ora.
Gwen looking like a million dollars 
I love this coat!

She's always looking effortlessly chick. If she reveals her midriff in a tiny vest she'll balance it out with a pair of baggy trousers. She's also has a way of mixing up masculine and feminine pieces, for example,  pairing boyfriend jeans with stilettos and boxy blazers with dresses.

Gwen always looks glamorous on the red carpet and her street style is amazing, she can make anything look fly.

She's such a classy lady



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