16 March 2014

Aaliyah inspired Make-up look

The question is who doesn't love Aaliyah? and who wouldn't want to look like her?? Apart from men of course!

I have always loved this look, especially the eyes.

This is my all time favourite pic of Aaliyah and I love her make-up in this picture. I tried to make mine look like hers, I like the outcome of mine but it's far more bold when hers is subtle. Oh well here you have it

I even made my eyebrows thinner to make it look like hers haha 

The eyes were a little hard to do because I had to use white pencil. I need to get a white liquid liner. If anyone knows of a good one please let me know!

The eyes are more dramatic than Aaliyah's and added small diamonds to complete this look  

Hope you liked it



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