2 September 2013

Be Daring, Life's too short to blend in. STAND OUT!

Assalamu Aleikum sisters :)

In today's post I'm going to debut some of my designs. And to help my gorgeous sister Fay modeled my pieces, and she absolutely rocked it! Make-up was done by her, love the smokey eyes and pink lips masha Allah. And because the outfit was loud enough we kept accessories to a minimum. All in all, she was a stunning model masha Allah! <3

The outfit came together really nicely and as it was a windy day, the trail of the skirt blew in the wind. Wow, I mean Masha Allah!


Initially, I wanted to create a top with full fur sleeves but opted for the fur to just be on the top part instead. This is mainly because, the fur is thick and would make you look bulky. I quite like it like this :)


I absolutely love this creation of mine because the design is unique and versatile.This skirt is very pretty, flirty and perfect for dressing up. The skirt is made of jersey material for comfort and the over-layer is light chiffon. I reckon the colours go well together and love the print on the chiffon. And the best bit is that the chiffon blows in the wind as you walk. I think this is the kinda skirt that can only be worn with heels. Insha Allah I will play around with different combination of jersey/chiffon.

As always, your comments are welcomed 

Yours Truly,



  1. Love what you have done with the fur. Not too much but just enough for it to have a fashionable effect on the outfit #nice


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