20 August 2013

Unleash Your Dark Side!

Salamu Aleikum beauties! And welcome back!

I thought I'd do a Gothic themed post to display my new design. I do love bright colors but you can never go wrong with black. My beautiful sister was kind enough to model for me (thanks Ebz) and she pulled the look off ohhhhhh so well!!! MA

I styled her in black from head to toe, she's wearing a simple black top, a black scarf which I've added some tassels to, satin gloves and a dip-hem inspired lace/jersey skirt which I designed.

She looks so beautiful masha Allah

To carry off the full goth look she applied black lipstick and smokey eyes, I've added some black diamonds to make the look stand out. She looks absolutely flawless masha Allah. 

This is the front of my new creation which I absolutely love. I know the dip-hem skirts have been in fashion for awhile and they've been popular since last summer. I thought of how I could make this skirt suitable for a muslimah, so I designed a full length skirt with 2 layers of lace over it. The lace cover is short at the front and long from the back. I'm really pleased with the outcome of this skirt! Alhamdulilah.

 This is the back of the skirt.

This is the sketch ( I know my drawing isn't very good. Don't judge!)

We all need to unleash our dark side from time to time.

I hope you all like it! And feel free to leave me any comments (promise I wont bite)

Peace & Love 


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  1. I love this design. Can I buy this skirt? And your sister looks absolutely stunning


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