29 April 2013

Ways to accessorise your hijab

1 Necklace:

This is a huge trend now! There are so many tikka's and necklaces you can buy to bling up your scarf with. I like to wear both subtle and heavy necklaces over my hijab, really whatever goes with the outfit and scarf i'm wearing. I tend to wear a necklace with my scarf only when I'm going some place fancy or on special occasions such as Eid.

What I do is add an elastic band to each end of the necklace so it fits my big head! And viola!

2 Bow/Flower Clips

You can get bow and flower clips practically anywhere. Sometimes you need that something extra so on the days that your wearing a plain black scarf, just add a bright flower and you won't feel so plain :)

3 Rings:

Adding rings to my hijab was an idea I came up with which just happened to look cute. I ordered the rings from www.ebay.com. I like this way of adding to my hijab because it’s simple and unique and I will be rocking this for a long time to come insha allah.

4 Hair bands

This is the alternative method to using rings. I love it because it gives me a little colour to brighten up my plain scarf.

My bundle of hijab accessories (Broach, bows, headbands, flowers, necklaces)





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