28 April 2013

African fashion

African outfits could easily be worn to work, parties, even as casual everyday wear. These include African pencil dresses, African print skirts, tops/blouses, trousers, jumpsuits, play suits etc. These African outfits are made using African wax prints or Ankara prints.

I have been looking at African Fashion Week London designers and one that stood out to me is Kiki clothing. It is a Ghanaian based fashion label founded by Titi Ademola, is known for producing childrenswear, footwear and ladieswear. The KIKI concept is smart casual and usually consists of modern silhouettes combined with African or vibrant ethnic prints to appeal to a wider market. A look back into history and varied cultures provides a wealth of inspiration for KIKI Clothing.

Nicole Ari Parker looking Afrocentric in her Kiki dress.

The outfit above is one of many displayed on the African Fashion Week in London. I love the bold prints and the clash of patterns really go well together. And unlike other designers Kiki clothing really stuck with the concept of 'what African clothing should look like' whereas other designers in my opinion changed the clothes to make it appeal to the West. Kiki Clothing is definitely one to watch. 

I'm a big fan of African clothes. You need a certain level of confidence to wear it because it's very risqué, bold and colourful and here in the UK its very much out of the norm. My mothers favourite type of clothes are African attire. 
She has influenced me to love and wear African attire with pride and that's exactly what I do! Thanks Mum! 

                       This is my take on how to wear African clothes.

These pictures of me were taken last summer (and yes I know that in the 2nd pic I look like I'm doing the Mo Farah pose). I know it looks as though I'm wearing a dress but its a skirt and a top. These type of garments are really wide so I made sure to wear a waist belt to emphasise my waist. 
Also, the sleeves are very wide and if I were to raise my arm it would expose them. So I made sure I wore satin gloves to prevent that from happening. 
All in all I love this outfit, for me its a casual outfit. I believe I was going to my granma then lol. On the days I don't want to wear too much colour I pair and African print skirt with a plain coloured top. 





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